Rito pls stop to destroy the game

About 2 years ago I really really enjoyed playing LoL. But the closer season 6 was getting to it´s end the more patches were released that destroyed the fun in the game. And until today this problem became bigger and bigger. Supports are meaningless shieldbots again that have no money because the goldinc items got nerved so hard -they are almost useless now. Reason for this was that non-supps bought this items. Instead of destroying those items Riot could have made them availlable for supps only. Like the jungleitems are available for junlgers only. It seems like everything needs to oneshot now, everything else is useless. I mean what is a tank right now? PBE doesnt seem to be used for testing at all (except for some skins). Items getting released or reworked without testing. In the end they need to be removed even when they were completly fine a few patches ago (banner of comand). A game needs to be done after 25 minutes what makes lategame champs like nasus just unavailable for a game. The core of every patch is made for the proplayer/ competitive scene but the majority of players play solo/duo queue. How about focusing on that? It´s like playing a whole new game after every patch right now. Rankeds are no more fun at all cause of that. Oh and... it´s season 8 and still legit to lose rankedpoints in a 4v5 cause 1 player just left the game... I would love to play this game longer. But right now the game develops in a bad direction.
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