Open Mid drives me absolutely wild

Why are you even playing if you're going to give up a game that probably isn't even as dire as you think it is? I've won two 3 v 5s, and I've won games where triple inhib goes down and the nexus is at 50 HP. What drives a person to give up and ruin the game for 4 other people because the game isn't going their way? Is it an ego thing? Even if it's only a one in a billion chance, the game is still winnable. How can people just give up? Why do people give up over really small leads like 9 to 13? I actually just don't understand giving up in the middle of a game. Like I'm not worried about the people who crash because it's not their fault and it happens, but I'm more upset about the people who are physically able to play and choose not to. It actually drives me crazy when people do this.
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