I just hate when a company does this

https://i.gyazo.com/0a24d6f73e3c04b023dbaea1b68acf5a.png You know "Claim" stuff actually means "get it for free by clicking here" not "buy this to get them". I fucking hate it with the deepest of my heart, this is the lowest a clickbait can ever reach and I'm losing even more faith in Riot when they add stuff like this. Yes I know it's a f2p game and they need money blah blah blah *cough* billion dollar company *cough* but don't lie to us and give us the real information by instantly adding it to the shop. And another joke, forcing you to watch pro-games in order to progress in the event (I'm totally not into e-sports anymore since how shitty this meta has became) because they don't have enough viewers and need to appeal you with this
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