Riot should think about making a new IP game so they don't need to rely on LoL.

As you may know as the game years go on people will start leaving the game and moving on to new games that are different. League of legend has been a fun game but it has been over 5 years and Riot games still rely on LoL for revenue and player base. I heard Morello is working on a new game which is good but Riot should have a heads up that League of Legend won't be the popular game for life, there is always other games growing and people finding more fun for example PUBG which actually has a bigger daily player base then DOTA 2 right now which is crazy PUBG already surpass LoL on twitch last month and seems like they will do it again this month. Couple of games I think we can all agree on that died because they didn't diversify their game rooster mostly relying on 1 game to carry them. Neopet <People grow up and turn to more fun games RuneScape < Got far until you are restricted 80% of the game unless you become a member. Maplestory <<Nexon does have a huge list of license games but their other games are filled with Pay2Win to the core and beyond tools of a developer on games like Combat arm. World of war craft. << Still boast a player base of over 5 Million but has been shrinking daily until a new DLC but still falls after 1 month of the DLC. I'm not hating on Riot but I think they really need to develop a new IP game because not every game company is unstoppable from falling if they rely on 1 game to carry them for life which feels like Riot has been doing here. What do you guys think should Riot make a new IP?
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