Here's your awesome matchmaking system RIOT!

When you queue as support you know its not going to be an easy climb in ranked. Which is fine. It requires teamwork and communication. However! When you win your first placement game in 15 minutes with an awesome team, then lose the next 7 because you have people that want to leave games, intentionally run it down lane, and completely ignore their support's engage. Thats absolutely absurd. What kind of Matchmaking system is this? 1. 1/1/4 - Win -Taric 2. 0/3/4 - Lost - Taric - Caitlyn Quit 3. 4/9/8 - Lost - Lux - Miss Fortune ignored every Root i hit and kept cancelling her ULT 4. 2/5/6 - Lost - Nautilus - Caitlyn started flaming immedately in the lobby, continued throughout the game. I said NOTHING to avoid being reported. 5. 2/7/6 - Lost - Sona - Jarvin kept leaving. Tiwtch placed NO wards, refused to fight when mid rotated over. Picked kills on low hp targets then ran away. 6. 6/7/6 - Lost - Nautilus - Aurelion Sol Fed, Jhin completely avoided every single team fight after being asked not to by all of us 7. 5/5/17 - Lost - Taric - Quite possibly the only game here that we lost due to being outplayed. No issues with teammates, We all got along 8. 2/4/1 - Lost - Jhin died every time i backed. Kept trying to play aggressive vs Morgana and Caitlyn. Declared "Im inting on purpose" Now IM NOT A FANTASTIC SUPPORT BY ANY MEANS, however, when you have such unbalance with your matchmaking system when its "supposed to keep your W/L rate around 50% is absolutely absurd. When you have to try and solo carry your lane because 6/8 games have an adc thats causing a problem you kind of have to think about the root of the problem. Keep in mind the only thing that i typed between every game here was when I politely asked the Jhin in game 6 to fight with us. Other than that nothing was said.
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