Prestige Qiyana skin is unfair and money-grubbing

Ok so the prestige true damage Qiyana skin costs 2000 worlds tokens. I don't know if it was just me, but I had no idea if the skin would cost worlds tokens, prestige points, or another kind of event token. If I wanted to get that skin, I would have to purchase a lot of tokens, or the worlds 2019 pass (I have around 1000 tokens sitting in there right now). If I had previously purchased the prestige riven skin or the prestige points, I would have very little worlds tokens. If worlds tokens in can be earned for 9 more days, and I needed 1000 more, I would need to buy the season pass AND THEN play around 80 games of summoners rift, assuming I win EVERY ONE OF THEM. 80 games, in 9 days... Including school/work and sleep. Assuming you win every game, and every game takes 30 minutes (Counting queue times) it would take 40 HOURS OF PURE LEAGUE to get the tokens you needed. With a more realistic win rate of 50%, it would take about 60 hours. Let's assume you sleep for 6 hours of the day and play league for the other 18. You don't work, go to school, or even eat this whole time. In 3.3 days, you'd get the tokens. But let's water that down, and say you only have 10 hours of spare time. Then it would take 6 days. That's kind of stupid NGL. Riot's basically invading your wallet and demanding that you either play the shit out of their game, or you buy loads of tokens. Hell, even on the official Worlds 2019 event infomation page, nothing is said about Qiyana. I know it was supposed to be a surprise (Thanks PBE), but riot could have said something like "Another skin is coming, get ready". Really anything would have been helpful. I don't even want to talk about how more prestige skins are purchased with event tokens than prestige points, that's another post entirely... TLDR: Not enough notice was given for the Qiyana skin and I feel as if I need to purchase worlds tokens in packs in order to get it.
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