why has dodging suddenly become popular and my thoughts on it.

at first i was fine with it but now every day i see a topic about how dodging should be good, and that it is a legit strategy and cry when they take a big penalty for dodging multiple times. it is kind of annoying. people need to understand that dodging is bad and nothing will ever change that. riot does not want you dodging and will increase your penalty for each dodge you do. "if i dodge i lose less lp than had i played in an unwinnable game because of (insert champ and lane)" that's only in the first dodge, which is a warning shot. you keep dodging the lp loss will increase along with your wait time. you're better off gambling by playing the game and hope that you actually win. if dodge it is a guarantee loss of lp where as playing has a chance of winning. (chances vary). in no way is a game unwinnable from team comp alone. that's what allot of people assume and it affects them mentally. example you could have a {{champion:11}} Jungle. typical and reliable right? suddenly the yi is feeding his ass off to kingdom come and back. while he is to blame for feeding you are also to blame because you assumed he would be good. but now let's look at {{champion:63}} ADC. very unexpected and as such your judgement will be sour cause you think he will feed. next thing you know he is 6/0/2 and is carrying you guys. my point is don't judge a game by the teams. it's just like judging a book by it's cover. "one of my teammates has a bad winrate and rank and we will lose for sure so it is safer to dodge and avoid the hassle" first off you shouldn't be judging someone off their winrate. that is just being an asshole. second that's the price to pay for trying to climb. you cannot expect a perfect and flawless team. riot's matchmaking don't allow that shit. if you got an 8 win streak you are pretty much required to get a bad player sooner or later. when that happens it is safer to play and ignore them. pretend they are not there. do not talk to them, do not help them, do not even mention them to the enemy team. just let the bad player do their thing and keep playing. then post game report them silently and move on. if you gripe, flame, harass, and outright focus on them and not the game you're no better than them. and if you are not careful you could also be reported and punished. so just do the right thing and play the game and ignore him. "my main champ was picked/banned" boo fucking hoo. it is only one champion. it is not my fault you are a otp {{champion:84}} mid main. that is why you need several champs to play as so you have different bases covered should your main get banned. when i first started i was a strict {{champion:51}} main. but i then branched out to other champs and by the time i left the game i had experience with {{champion:22}} (M7) {{champion:51}} (M6) {{champion:114}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:240}} (M7) {{champion:21}} (M7) {{champion:2}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:115}} so had many options to choose from. i never did jungle but i didn't need to do jungle with how many champs i had to choose. if you are jungle main (btw i salute you for taking on the most stressful lane) then you need to figure out what your best lane is (typically what lane you gank most) and have that as second lane. that way you have bases covered. "dodging is a legit strategy to earn more LP" is it though? the only way you gain a profit is it you dodge only once and able to win the next game. if you had dodged a second or third time you're out 10 or 20 lp and with how crappy lp rewards are you're lucky to par out if you win. and if you lose you're out another 20 lp so that's -30 lp all because you dodged the last queue which was -10 lp. "i can always go on a smurf and wait until next day to get back on main account to play" then you're gonna be part of the problem. smurfs in ranked games ruining the experience for other players. you're better off not playing at all. that way you are not being a problem to others. but of course that can be avoided all together if you simply do not dodge at all. that way you're still playing, you are not a smurf, and are able to gain back the lp you lost from other games. if you have any arguments i haven't covered tell me and i will give my thoughts on it.
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