People would complain more about talon if he was a new champion....

* He has a legitimate almost one shot at level two ("Riot why would you add a one shot this early in the god damn game") * Amazing roaming and can get kills by chasing super easily/the one time your about to kill him he parkour's away into Narnia ("Riot we have been complaining about assassins being too safe and now you add this monstrosity", "you nerf sol's roaming but not this garbage champion wtf") * (Almost the same thing) When he wants to kill or get away, he gets a free get out of jail card with his ulti ("What the heck riot, we complained about dying too fast but now we can't even see the guy killing us") * He doesnt fall off, even if you manage to kill a talon like three times in lane and he gets a dusk 20 minutes in, he is still going to one shot your adc/squishy. And there is nothing you can do about it ("Why did you feed him, oh wait he's super behind? what the heck riot") But then again lets all just be happy he wasn't released recently or it would've been so much worse - They would probably add healing to his W's, because for some reason assassins need to have sustain - They might've added true stealth to his ultimate, if not that they wouldn't allow lens to spot him - After using an ability he gains 30% more ad for an aa that last for 10 seconds - Or whatever other passives they can think of
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