Riot please take a look at your new-player unfriendly environment!

--I think this is an important problem in the league community that should be addressed- Feel free to look me up. I joined league recently, feeling fresh to play some norms straight out from the bots. However, everyone was doing good except me, and I just kept getting killed and dived due to my lack of knowledge. I asked my brother and he demonstrated some games for me, and came to a conclusion that the people I was playing with are "smurfs." Then, I got a notification that I got banned, a fourteen day suspension for "intentional feeding." I'm really really angry because I know I'm new and not skilled enough to join the rift yet, however, I played norm expecting to face players that have similar skill level as me so I can learn and grow in the process. Does getting smashed and killed over and over again one-sided by those so called high level "smurfs" a reason to ban me for "intentionally feeding?" I know I'm not good enough and I'm trying to improve, but this environment is seriously not healthy. Instead of advising me, my entire team was flaming me and even giving me death threats in some games. What do those high elo "smurfs" expect from a low level game that was supposed to be designed to be an improving space for new players? This seriously broke my heart. I didn't die intentionally, I admit I'm outskilled. But riot, when was "unskilled player" a reason for a "fourteen day suspension?" Please have a nicer attitude towards new player in the future. (yes I've addressed this in player behavior board, but I think the underlying issue of new user unfriendly environment is important enough to be noticed by the public)
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