PSA this is how you do math. (effective health is not how you calculate damage you receive)

(numbers here are examples) 37 magic resist = 27% magic reduction (look at how much damage it reduces) so its 1283(total damage)*27%(reduction) = 346,71 is reduced. 1283-346 = 936 (dealt damage) do the same with physical reduction with its numbers magic damage + physical damage = total damage health - total damage HOW NOT TO CALCULATE DAMAGE RECEIVED* 973 x 1.37(effective health (37 = magic resistance but not %) - 1120(damage total) = 113 effective health is not real way to calculate how much damage you are receiving. (backstory) I was just told lux level 6 with ludens cant oneshot katarina level 6 with no mr runes. so i went in game and oneshot katarina with lost chapter even though the other person did his perfect effective health math saying that ludens cant oneshot level 6 but i did it with 50 less ap - ludens passive.
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