Riot - Please Stop. People HATE having to get content through Youtube and Twitch

It's come to my attention that the green chroma for the new LeBlanc skin is going to be yet again crammed into this ridiculous "content creator program" again. Please stop it. WE HATE THIS KIND OF EXCLUSIVE CONTENT. It's horrible, and it's totally up to the whims of some random schlub streaming from his bedroom if people can get this content or not. I've generally supported the things you do, even locking Red Chromas in bundles, but this right here? This exclusive shit needs to _stop immediately._ It's not fun, it's a fucking chore to hope you can get a code from some youtuber, especially when it's digital content that has no business being exclusive to begin with. WE HATE IT. If anything, it's going to create resentment towards your streamers, because it will create an unruly mob of people who not only will start to feel bitterness towards the streamers when they don't get codes, but also cause people who already wearing thin of some of questionable things you've been doing lately start to openly resent you. Like I get that you want to make stuff for streamers to give out. I truly do, it's a two way street. But you need to fucking provide them with things like codes for _already purchasable_ content in the store for people to redeem. People want these things, so let them buy them. But don't piss people off by making them have to jump through hoops and waste their precious time (not playing the game, by the way) watching some Youtube guy to get a code. It's illogical and ridiculous. Oh, and this trend of fucking LOCKING SPECIFIC COLORED CHROMAS IN EXCLUSIVITY HAS TO END. No more of this red chroma being only in the bundles shit. No more of this green chromas being locked into this stupid content program. It's stupid, and if you prefer those colors, well you're fucked, now aren't you? Just stop. _Please._
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