Worst Game of League I have ever played.

So I just got done playing a game that was just complete shit. The enemy team had an Ashe top, a Kennen and Bard bot, a Vladimir mid and I guess a fucking Ziggs jungle but he didn't have smite. He was just constantly in lanes. If he wasn't hanging around bot, he was mid and if he wasn't mid he was top. He wasn't a jungler, he was just a roam hoper. I couldn't even work myself up to say gg at the end of the game because how could I. That wasn't a good game, it was just terrible all together. And then the enemy team talked soooo much shit at the end of the game. "How could you lose to that strat?" "You guys are trash." Naturally I reported them for "trolling" (if riot even takes that serious. which I hope they do or strongly consider it) and for just being disrespectful. I know I shouldn't let it get to me and ignore it and move on but honestly it just pisses me off so much. Seeing people pull shit like that in games and think they have the right to trash talk at the end of it. You had 3 people constantly in a lane, of course I'm gonna get tilted. I get it's a "Team game" but at the same time. There are basics on how you play it. All I can hope is that Riot looks at them and gives them some sort of punishment but yet again Riot lets people get away with a lot of stuff
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