Prestige skin complaint theory

So people are angry and going on about the 120$ skin prestige aatrox... I mean, understandable. But seriously, why are you complaining about this if you do open up to the mind that its out over the course of the year, you do not HAVE to buy it instantly for over a hundred bucks. Just buy a capsule pack during each event of the year and get tokens from there instead of instantly buying a crap ton of them on the getgo for over a hundred dollars. I just wanted to put this out there to hope this just might slow down the non stop stuff about the aatrox skin cost... it's just a gold variant of the blood moon skin for aatrox, I do not see why people are saying this is unfair to get, its just the blood moon aatrox skin but gold, nothing else different about it... if you want just buy the regular one for god sake...
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