Quote me on this: Diablo 4 will have microtransaction in it.

No I'm not talking about the fucking mobile shitfest, like anyone cares about that dumpsterfire. I'm talking about the next major Diablo for PC they're currently working on. It's the only logical escalation. RMAH didn't work and everyone hated it, so they'll have to come up with a different additional monetisation option. Diablo 3 doesn't get any more Add-Ons because it doesn't have any additional monetisation options, all Blizzard is willing to do is offer overpriced additional character classes which require minimal development costs but the dumbass fans will gobble them up anyways because of their nostalgia for Diablo 2. So, as an attempt to make Diablo 4 a long term cash cow they'll do everything oin their power to cram as many microtransaction up that bitch as possible. These Diablo 3 Season already trained their player base well enough, they're already used to replayed the same old content again and again and again for cosmetic rewards. I'm expecting "optional" cosmetics and a season pass for the "privilege" of playing the Seasons at least, and loot boosters that give you additional magic find for a set period of time at worst. Of course the game will still cost $60 at launch, offer a collector's edition, will be played on a server which of course will have launch day capability problems, and will only offer 4 or 5 playable classes at launch.
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