Riot Fix Your Game

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Riot wtf first of all, as you can see on one of Tyler's video, it said that you do not favors the professionals, and you were willing to listen to all the players , but then it has shown to most of us players that are not as skilled as the professionals. At 10:46, Tyler reads that "riot develops and balance the games to all players. not just for professional player." And please, hire someone that can actually balance the game. In one of hashinshin's video, he said that singed needs to be Nerfed, Except riot did nothing, so that's one reason why you guys are losing large amount of players. If you would actually let the players of the league community, you should put up like a poll, showing what you are thinking to do, But just listening to the professionals does not help the situation you guys are in. ACTUALLY TAKE SUGGESTIONS FROM ALL, let me say that again ALL THE PLAYERS OF THE LEAGUE COMMUNITY. i would appreciate it if riot would do something to bring back league of legends because years ago, it really was a great game.
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