Why I am losing faith in League of Legends.

I started fall of 2016, hated the game, but I was a noob. I kept playing though because all my friends did and I liked playing with them. So I learned all that I could and worked on being better. And over time I got better and began to enjoy the game. It's addicting and it's all I ever wanted to do. But once I got better and more comfortable, I started to realize how bad the game is. **Balancing is insanity,** riot will make someone so over powered and then just nerf them into the ground to where they are unplayable. There are so many champions that I've seen go from the number one ban and the number one choice and one patch later will be like old Urgot. Then there are some champs I call Riot's Favorites because people will endlessly complain about them and it's like Riot is blind to it. **Team comp./Joining a team** is the biggest joke ever. The amount of times I have been put against a Gold or Plat player while I have a newbie on my team is just ridiculous. A lot of my friends that I got to introduce to league gave up within a week because every game was someone who new the game better than I have ever seen. It's sickening, you can't put someone straight from bots to that, it is just unfair and no fun. **Reports**, there are toxic people, and everyone gets a little tilted, but if you leave a game or intentionally feed because of someone that's just childish, but I constantly see it and constantly report it. Yet nothing happens. **Gamemodes**, I got to play one for all once, that's all I want. Stop putting poro king and Nexus siege, no one cares for those. Event Gamemodes are okay and refreshing but we never see them again when they disappear. **Lore,** Love the lore, Riot doesn't. **New Runes**, let me give you brief rundown of new runes, anyone who was OP before is twice as much, champs who were useless before are even more useless. All in all, I will always love league, but it has its problems, and I feel like Riot just has a hype train going non-stop and if you aren't a part of it then the game just will not be fun anymore. You'll just be left in the rift wondering what happened to the good old days, like when ezrael couldn't jg or adc was the most fun and useful role.
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