Does anybody know any really good long lasting single player games?

I mainly get co-op/online type games to play with friends but lately most of the people I know are either busy or forgot about/replaced me so i'm mainly flyin solo. Got back into league just because I wanted that social interaction and remembered how much I hate this game. Most of the times i'm on my main game Sea of Thieves but again being solo I don't have anybody to play with and I can only tolerate random/new players on that game for so long. Was lookin to get a single player game I can dump hours into for when i'm bored out of my mind. I will try almost any genre of game excluding fighting (Cause i'm god awful at them) sports (gets boring fast) and hardcore anime ones because those are just too much for me no offence to anybody that likes play nijo miho kinoamwara tin saiga 3 (joking)
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