Epic Skins that should be Legendary

Here is MY top 5 Epic Skins that are worthy to be legendary. The list is subjective. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **5** http://imgur.com/a/FbQQk **Battlecast Kog'Maw:** When you are playing him, he just feels like a turret, with that skin he actually becomes a mini turret. Just look at him, how good the theme fits the character. http://imgur.com/a/53j3R His visuals are satisfying my eye, and the looks just perfectly fits the theme of a little, mobile arsenal. There is really not much you would have to add to make him a legendary; like unique voicelines or making him feel a littlebit more heavy and that'all. In my opinion he's a lot more worth of buying than Battlecast Skarner etc. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **4** http://imgur.com/a/ZCRVQ **Dreadnova Gangplank:** When I saw for the first time the trailer where he was crushing the orange having Cannonade destroying a planet behind his back, I was like ''It has to be a legendary one!''. Well it wasn't. http://imgur.com/a/hj2EL Is there a better theme to fit a **Pirate** over a **Cosmic Pirate**?? His design, the visuals; all are very nicely done. I also really like his sword and the idea of eating planets, he's really cool and juts perfectly fits the theme, he's the type of guy that you would meet after being captured by pirates **in space**. In my opinion GP fulfils the theme of Dreadnova way better than Darius does, no point of wasting 10 gems. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **3** http://imgur.com/a/BczNl **PROJECT: Zed:** If you are wondering if you shall buy him, well... **WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??** Totally wort of every money spent on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB1XvMyEBNA When I've seen the Project Master Yi helmet for the first time (as a trailer for upcoming skins) I've thought that it's going to be Kayle, what a surprise was to me that it is going to be Yi. No harm Rioters but Yi is kinda... average Project skin. He has not so many effects that animators could explore on, his boots looks funny etc. Fortunately Master wasn't the only one released; when I've seen Zed and Fiora i have smiled, I smiled even more when I've read that they are only epic skins but offers much as Master or even more. Zed is just done smoothly. The effects when you are doing full combo are looking and feeling so smooth, the theme of a cyborg villain is just 10/10, the idea of him not having eyes or the glassy thing even adds more. Also the voice fix on this skin gives me chills every time I'm taunting enemy or laughing. Best project so far. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **2** http://imgur.com/a/dx0te **Star Guardian Soraka:** (No splashart yet ;) ) Yesterday the new SG were announced, I've thought ''hmm... Nice skins, but woah this Soaka looks soo gud, it has to be a Legendary'' and then I've seen the prices; same situation that occured above. No harm again Rioters but Ahri is just average SG compared to Soraka, that not only deserves the skin but also is the best candidate for legendary SG. Ask yourself a question: Is there a better way to give **STARCHILD** a legendary skin, than making a **STAR GUARDIAN** skin for it.?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYZoAdnscds Again I have to say it, the quality of it is just woah... Best SG so far, also I really like the way the skin shows her innocence and purity; that's exactly who a Star Guardian should be, a pure and innocent sentinel, not some crazy-mad child or 9-taled snob fox. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **1** http://imgur.com/gallery/y3HHmho The absolute queen of fans beggings together with King Devil Teemo. **Blood Moon Diana:** Is there a better way to crown the best series of high quality skins that Riot ever made, by making a legendary that everyone were anticipating ?? BM Diana meant to be a little cherry on the gigantic, sweet cake baked by Rito that was called ''A Blood Moon series'' which could be even compared to a League of Legends cult. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2hLnBAc53Y Don't get me wrong the skin is gorgeous, of course the effects are VERY similar to Infernal, however the rest is just 'magnifique'. But out of everything the recall animation... Christ soooo guuuud. She really feels like someone that is cursed or possessed, the sword is done really nice, the lion-like mane, the gray and crimson colours with bits of purple, the claws and tattoos, even the overall look of a priestess that follows the Akali path over the Shen one. All of that contribute to (in my opinion of course) great success; and when I'm looking at all of that I really feel that not much was required to just pull the grade a bit higher. Like some new voicelines and toggle mask or something similar, to make it a really solid Legendary. Similarly to SG Soraka, Diana has everything that a BM legendary should have. She is a balance between Human and Demon, that Thresh, Kalista and rest lacks. Worth of every cent spent on. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Bonus** http://imgur.com/a/IVho7 This guy meant to be no. 2, but after I've seen Soraka I had to give her a place. Anyways he feels very sharp and smooth, the way Draven should. One of the very best Epic Skins.
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