Light summary of Aphelios' kit

Here you can read up what he does. Super light summary in tl;dr section. **The weapons: ** Aphelios has 5 weapons total. He carries 2 weapons at a time, at all times. Use W to switch between the 2 weapons. Each weapon has 50 ammo. Once ammo is depleted, Aphelios switches to a new weapon. **Ultimate: ** Throws a bomb forward, exploding on first enemy hit and damaging all nearby enemies. He then shoots all damaged enemies with an enhanced basic attack. **Abilities:** Q depends on weapon used. P is for Passive. R is for enhanced attack. There is no E ability. E shows the next weapon in queue. **1) Rifle** P: Increased attack range. Abilities _that use the rifle_ mark enemies. Basic attacks consume the mark on the target and all nearby enemies, dealing extra damage. This attack uses the other weapon and has unlimited range. Q: Skillshot that damages and marks first enemy hit. R: Applies an enhanced mark. **2) Pistol** P: Heal for some damage the weapon does. Overhealing gives a shield. Q: Rapidly attack the nearest enemy using both guns with reduced damage. R: Flat heal. **3) Cannon** P: Slows enemies. Q: Root and damage slowed enemies. R: Enhanced slow. **4) Flamethrower** P: Higher damage. Hits enemies behind target. Q: Shoots flames to do AoE damage. All targets hit are attacked with other weapon. R: Hits all nearby enemies instead of behind them. **5) Boomerang** P: Throwing weapon. Can't attack until it returns. Attack speed increases travel speed. If used for abilities, creates a copy of itself for each enemy hit. Q: Deploy a turret. Has same attack type as your other weapon. R: If less than 3 enemies were hit, creates 3 copies of itself. **Levelling up: ** Abilities level automatically. Uses points to level stats instead. Stats than can be leveled: Attack Damage, Attack Speed or **Bonus** Armor Penetration. **tl;dr** Switches weapon when out of ammo. Rifle has range. Skillshot ability. Pistol has lifesteal. Urgot W-like ability. Cannon has slow. Root ability. Flamethrower has AoE. AoE ability. Boomerang is close ranged. Turret ability. R shoots a bomb forward that explodes. Levels stats instead of abilities. That wraps it up folks!
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