I am silver 2 trash. Why in the heck am I always against high golds, plats, and sometimes diamond?

This is honestly ridiculous, what have I done to be placed in a game with players that are obviously light years better than I am. I'm not even good at the game, I have pretty below average mechanics, poor decision making, and terrible macro. And I still play with and against high golds, plats, and sometimes even diamonds. I mean, just recently I was in a game against a diamond 3 zed one trick with 2.5 million mastery points just destroying everyone because my garbage ass fed him. I mean c'mon this is just normal games, why can't I have fun in normal games with one of my friends when they lose lane and rage because of my stupid mmr. I checked my ranked mmr today using some site and it clearly says and I quote "SILVER II." I haven't even played one single game with someone that is gold+. I don't want to have to resort to ranked because there only so much cancer that I can endure when playing this AMAZING WELL DEVELOPED game. Riot you need to fix matchmaking in normal games and make it where each player plays against their own elo. I don't even care if queue times are more than 5+ mins, Just please do something ANYTHING to fix matchmaking because this is really starting to piss me off. If this is riot's way of telling me to get good, then they're doing a terrible job.
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