Opinion : Riot should stop making champions for now

this has nothing to do with the recent champion reveal , i've been thinking about this for a while now . how long is riot gonna keep making new champions ? we have 140+ champions now ,how many more are we gonna keep getting ? until 200 ? 300 ? 3000 ? this has to stop at some point we already have many champions and yet look at how many of these champions are actually picked while the rest of them are left in the dust , am not asking riot to completely stop making champions . i just want them to slow down like really really slow ( 1 champ every 2 years ? ) they need to start look at the roots and old stuff whether its champions or game mechanics or old concepts and then improve it . this might sound like it came from a xianxia novel but they need to solidify and stabilize their foundation instead of growing and growing and adding things nonstop . and what happens after they do that ? they shift to making events , new champions are nice but what really gets the player hyped are events especially those that come with game modes , sure making an event costs more resources than making a champion but you dont have to make a new event ever year or two just reuse the old ones ( project , starguardian , pilgewater ..etc )
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