DK was right about you Toxic Manbabies in game.

Every single game a toxic man baby throws his tantrum and ruins the game. What does Riot do? Not a thing but take my LP that i didn't DESERVE losing. The LoL community is straight TOXIC MANBABIES. These are grown men deciding to act like weird crybabies on an online game. "You lack brain cells", "shut up or i'll feed". Was DK lying? He's not, you guys ARE men that act like children and don't know better. And whats even worse is that Riot makes no IMPACTFUL moves to remove these man babies. Dont' get me wrong, DK was WRONG in his act, but his manbaby explanation and perspective was ON POINT. Here's what you can do Riot, tighten up on the disciplinary action you guys push, and maybe people will become HESITANT to even think about throwing another manbaby tantrum and ruining the game for 4 other people. You guys have players like Rainman who SUPPORTS being toxic and has a following of people who agree with him on being toxic. Look at who the most famous player in league is: Tyler1, one of the most toxic to ever do it. Don't say "hE'S rEfOrMEd", because Tyler was STILL at the top even when he was one the most toxic player to ever come into league. Why aren't players like berg or aphromoo at the top of popularity? Why aren't the players who encourage being nice in game and working together in a TEAM GAME the most popular on stream? There's too much proof that shows your game is completely TOXIC Riot. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! Your player base is your face Riot Games, don't let some insecure, no life man babies ruin how far you've come. I mean seriously though guys, Tyler1 is a grown man and look at how he behaves on camera, am I really saying foolishness LOL? . And that's just ONE example out of the MILLIONS of players in LoL NA. Another proposed solution: Try reformed toxicity as a WHOLE, rather than being biased for one player because he brought in the views and money.
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