Playing since season 2 and still cant even pass gold

I've been playing this game since Syndra came out, I even played before that but didnt get into the game at first. I love this game, I truly do. Yet my skill seems to be nonexistant, I never made it past gold....and I always get made fun of. Right now Im struggling to get out of Silver 2 since I constantly get on a losing streak after I reach about 90 LP The people in-game constantly tell me how sad my life must be for never being able to get to platin or diamond despite playing for so long. At this point it fuels my depression, I start crying behind the screen. Its embarassing for me to say all this being a fullworking 22 year old man just trying to kill as much time as I can, since I dont have any friends, hobbies or skills. How can I....just not suck? I am kind of outta ideas....and Im progressively getting sadder Help would be appreciated :)
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