Prestige Points to craft Gem Stones

Should Riot make it possible to turn Prestige Points into Gem Stones? Recently I got the Arcade Pass to get more Arcade tokens, however I now have 25 Prestige Points in my hextech crafting, atm there are no ways to convert or disenchant the Prestige Points into anything. I dont believe that I will be able to get a full 100 points before the January 31, 2020 expiry ticket date. Since the Prestige Points are quite tedious to obtain and require many game hours; the ability to convert them into Gem stones will be quite rewarding and will not feel like a waste of Prestige Points. I think this will also entice people into buying passes because even if they cant obtain the Prestige skins (100 points) they can grind and collect the gem stones to get an exclusive skin :D Feel free to add your thoughts and inputs! ^_^ {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}[/img]
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