Trolls and toxic players abusing the report system for their own personal gain

They always have the upper-hand. Whether they start throwing the game, using words that change the chemistry of your brain just to make you reply to them while you receive a chat restriction for 10 or 25 games, or a ban depending on how many bans you already got from the automated ban system. Trolls can do anything to get you banned and the trolls know the entire ban system, so they'll never be able to get banned whatsoever. They try everything in their arsenal to get a reaction out of you and when they do, they'll make you suffer 'til you get the message 'ACCOUNT SUSPENDED' and the trolls will satisfy themselves with the message 'INSTANT FEEDBACK REPORT' while also earning a key fragment so their ego is being groomed by Riot Games. This overly disgusted digestive fluid of a puking banning system makes me more sick than anything else. It's a tool for justice, not for criminal use. It's so easy to get someone banned nowadays that it's beyond stupid. If Riot Games won't innovate a different banning system then this game lost all hope from me and probably from other players as well. EDIT: Thanks for the down votes. I hope you have a wonderful day, sirs.
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