League of Legends has lost a lot of its heart, hasn't it?

[](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/sites/default/files/styles/scale_xlarge/public/upload/bbviahri-banner_1.jpg?itok=fk6qgHz0) This game used to have so much care and dedication put into it. It used to have such a charm to it that even people who left it missed at times. I left this game once and I missed it, and I'm sure many others felt the same way. We used to always strive to improve, we exemplified anyone in a higher elo than us, and we idolized our favorite pros. Remember **"Faker, what was that?!?"** That was the moment Faker became my favorite pro player. He was tough, he was quick, he was cautious yet had balls of steel. The man was seen as a legend, and even though SKT kept winning Worlds it was still exciting. Back in early Season 4, when I first began, I remember I (like the loser I was), had a slip of paper with a list of champions to try out. I wanted to try them all. I played Zed on free rotation and I loved his badass voice and sick shadow techniques. Vladimir was this super cool blood mage who was tanky and healed himself by leeching off his enemies. And Jinx was fun because she shot her guns and ran really fast. D E J A V U Style. This game was brilliant. People back then didn't consider LoL a real sport, but god damn was it one to us. We united over hating the 2 or 3 toxic champions like Vayne, Yasuo, or Zed. We loved talking about skin concepts and making memes about champions. We didn't give a damn what people said about us because we knew us better than they did. It was a community and it was beautiful. Remember Summoner Showcase? If not, watch it. You'll then know what you're missing. **Fast forward to today.** The game is now filled with a roster of overbearing champions that crowd out other picks. The game is objectively more boring and super formulaic now. Anyone who played in Season 4 or before that can and will tell you the game has regressed. The balance team seems to be doing their own thing now, and it feels almost resigned, like they gave up on this game. The players are detached and the spirit of the playerbase has become almost depressing. It feels like the CoD playerbase who hardly talk to each other except bark commands and rage at incompetent teammates. eSports has undeniably become Riot's focus and, ironically, has had the lowest amount of people watching since its debut. It's gotten to the point where Riot is incentizing WATCHING eSports in an attempt to generate interest. This is mostly due in part to LoL becoming less of a competitive gaming lifestyle for people and more of a begrudging, mindless pasttime. Not to say new players can't enjoy it, but it certainly feels like a shadow of its former self. Many players have lost the will to root for a team. Riot has even lost some credibility as a company because of the whole PAX shindig. Sorry to bring that up, fellow mods, but it needs to be said despite the risk of another week of that occurring. I don't know if I can root for Riot anymore. I used to chill here on the Boards with any Rioters that came, even Meddler. Now it feels like the good old days of that are gone. ##So, in retrospect... League of Legends feels like it's grown stale for both its creators and a majority of its playerbase. This game no longer feels like it's given any love by its creators. The art is great, the music is excellent, but almost everything else is just... wasting away. Thanks for listening to this old dog croak on about his experiences. P.S. I might watch that new show a Rioter made called *The Dragon Prince* on Netflix. I'd appreciate it if anybody who was watched it can tell me if it's any good.
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