Riot, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back ranked teams! (and my opinion on riot)

Flex isn't cutting it, it doesnt have the same competitive feeling that ranked 5s had. In a game that's focused so much on team play, bringing back ranked teams would promote improving your individual team play. The feeling of being a part of a team felt so good as an average player who would never make it to pro play. I know clubs and stuff like that are a thing and they give you tags but it isn't the same. Take it like this, in solo q (imo) you're doing a whole lot of fighting with your team mates rather than actually planning your engages. If ranked 5s were to come back, it would bring back a certain sense of urgency that the game lacks. Climbing the ladder with your friends was a huge part of ranked teams and it shows how well you work together. Not only this, but having a sectioned off match history meant only for your team would allow you to analyze your gameplay and improve on your week points (like early game TSM kappa). That being said, I don't actually think that any official riot member will actually hear my call or care to share the company's thoughts on the return of ranked teams, I just wanted to get my statement out there. If any riot member actually see's this, just know that I love this game and have been loving it since i was in the 8th grade (now first year college). It's embarrassing to point out but I don;t want to see a game that I have spent almost $2000 on just neglect its community and gear every decision they make on just making more money. ($2000 riot... atleast do something to let me know and others like me who have spent rolls on this game that you guys are listening to us) I don't want to believe that you guys are just in it for the money, but from na lcs being changed back to BO1 and lowering the amount of rp you get per dollar is making me think otherwise. Sincerely, A concerned fan (add me @Filibeano)
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