Support Mains of the Boards: Why do you supp? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Hi, I'm an enchanter Support main. Started out League playing assassins/mages, then realized I really enjoyed ADC's like {{champion:22}} {{champion:202}} and {{champion:222}} . How did I become a Support main? Since my ADC mechanics aren't high-elo tier, I always struggle with winning lane unless I have a somewhat 'good' support (supports who somewhat help with vision control, poke, CC/engage, or simply lane presence). Basically, SR games (ranked or unranked) were a 50/50 for me - or even 40/60, unless I played duo. With my bot duo, our win-rate was at least 70%. We stomped most matchups. But ......... my duo became a mid main, and now exclusively plays Zed/Yasuo {{sticker:sg-janna}} So: now I playing Supp because it's the lane where I'm most impactful. Still ADC on occasion, but I've kinda found a liking for the new role. Helping teammates with a clutch redemption/solari feels so fulfilling :D (but also DJ Sona and SKT Nami too cute)
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