Why do turrets seem to be helping enemy team ?

Turrets don't feel like an actual threat anymore. They seem like a hindrance to get over. Enemy jg and laner can dive you as early as level 3-4 and turrets just stand there hitting 1 shot at very slow speed. And then they give fuck ton of gold to winning enemy, like "like heyy, you just killed my laner, here is 160 gold for you!xD" repeated 4 times. Total gold given by plates plus first turret is around 1000g. Might as well heal the enemy if they dive you. IMO turret gold should be nerfed coz you are inherently rewarded for destroying turrets as more of map is open for you. The thing is that turret seem utterly useless if you start to fall behind. Coz of the snowbally nature of current meta, you could be dove again and again and turret just look dumb at this stage.
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