so what about literally every champion who doesnt have an inbuilt shield in his kit?

youre removing boneplating, a rune that every champion type can universally pick for this? > Shield Bash (R2) >Takes place of Bone Plating >[New Effect] "Whenever you gain a shield, while still shielded your next basic attack against a champion deals >5 - 39 (+1.5% Bonus Health) (+8.5% Shield > Amount) bonus adaptive damage (minimum 4s proc window)." this is fucking bullshit. its just another case where youre making runes that only synergize with specific champion kits instead of playstiles. every single champion who doesnt have an inbuilt shield is now at a disadvantage in top lane, because he doesnt have a combat rune in that row, and is forced into demolish. how about you replace the fucking useless font of life with this instead? or you dont put these weird trigger mechanisms onto these runes that 3 champions can use? this is literally just made for champions like {{champion:516}} {{champion:78}} to shit on fighters in lane. no other purpose than to add a grasp proc worth in dmage onto orrns w. this is not even talking about the fact that youre injecting more damage into the only defensive tree in the game, and removing survivability - THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THAT RUNE PATH. i wouldnt be as mad if you just kept adding runes to the game, until eventually everyone can find some that synergize with his kit. but youre not improving this fucking system at all by replacing 1 rune that favours a handfull of champions with another. this has been the major issue with the new rune system from day 1. you keep making these runes that absolutely favour specific champions while the rest of the entire pool doesnt know what to pick, because it doesnt do half as much for them.
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