To Riot and the Community

Simple as this. Can you guys even imagine if more rioters did what Bazerka is doing on the boards recently? As far as I can tell he’s not even part of the main team of balancers or design but just seeing SOMEONE from Riot talking to the community is such a “feels good” no? Now I know that a lot of rioters are busy but we ALL know that they have been silent on the boards on purpose for a long while. Be that the boards toxicity or other reasons, Bazerka is showing that there are still a lot of people not shitposting and actually trying to create meaningful threads that they want/need feedback on. If you have ever been in a long term relationship of any sorts you’ll know that without communication it turns to shit really easily. Bazerka is like a good morning text that the community woke up to not knowing they even had a lover at all ;) P.s. if you end up seeing this riot @Bazerka a personal thanks from me. Btw are you getting paid to do this from your higher ups? Makes sense with the way it is happening. You being not a part of the game changes themselves so not being able to get berated as hard as say meddler would be. Not saying you ARE getting paid off and I’m sure you’re a nice guy either way just a afterthought I had;) BLINK TWICE IF THEY ARE HOLDING YOU CAPTIVE BAZERKA

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