Maybe give us an Uncorrupted SG Variant for Xayah, Zoe, and Rakan?

Okay, hear me out..... I know people are going to rage and act like it's them getting two skins, and i get that, but these SG skins as-is, minus neeko, look and feel like Dark Star or Cosmic 2.0 skins. The colors are so not Star Guardian, and it's kinda sad. So what if you guys introduce a new type of chroma, where we can chooe between the corrupted version or the uncorrupted version!? The corrupted versions should remain the base skins at the base price, but the Variants would cost a lot less than the skin, but a little more than a normal chroma? The reason I say MORE than a normal chroma is because I'd want the variants to CHANGE THE VFX TOO! The VFX are so dark and dark star/cosmic-ish....that's a major part of what I'd want changed with a uncorrupted version, so it would make sense for it to be a little more than a normal chroma. Maybe twice the amount? Or like 500? Just an idea, something that would make me like the rest of them as much as I like Neekos! <3
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