Just Nerf Tf

Honestly.. he’s even worse then Asol. All tf does is wave clear and roam. But wait, that’s what you think he will do. Instead this champion has enough sustain to basically kill you in lane with just ignite and his base damage. His mid game is fine his last game is fine. So really tf shouldn’t be allowed to kill you in lane for the sake of actual counter play. Yet you don’t care b/c you find nerfing ryze and azir so much important as they do so much yet you don’t see how stupid it is to face a tf, he sustains he kills you and your team, he has control on the map, he scales well too. Like is there anything to break a tf less then The fact you set up for ganks on the factor of him dying, yet you forget Junglers are such a low level they can be killed when they gank now.. The point is, nerf tf b/c he has no counterplay and no kassadin doesn’t count b/c if he bans kassadin what is a man suppose to do. Burst mages fear tf, battle mages, artillery and even assassins when it comes to tf. The champion beats half the roster of midlane. So balanced{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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