Looking for new people to play with and join teams!

Hey there! Recently I've gotten big into League of Legends again, and I'm looking for more people to join me and my friends to play some fun games. We have lots of friendly, active nerds around every rank and host lots of competitive tournaments as well as inhouse (sometimes) casual games to spicy things up! Along with this, we are currently working on making new teams hella often, we accept any ranks and roles and will try to get you placed ASAP :3 (But if there's any random lonely plat/gold jungle or top mains out there, save me q...q) As a little added bonus, if needed, we got special coaches to coach the teams! The only requirements of joining are to: * Be (semi)-active, there's not much point in me introducing you to our group if you're never gonna show up again afterwards :P * Be willing to be come onto our discord on a regular basis! * If you'll promote toxicity, we will do the big fat reeeee (I'm a poetic genius I know) Anyways, TL;DR: looking for fun new peepo's willing to play with derps who are about as low IQ as it gets! interested? add me on discord at Waspito#0753 :3
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