Riot Direct AMA!

Hey all! It's been a while since anyone from the Riot Direct Network Team reached out via the NA forums and I was inspired by my EU colleague who made a post over there, so I figured let's get one going here. There hasn't been a lot of change since 3 years ago when Riot moved the NA servers to Chicago which is another reason it's been a bit quiet from us, but figured you guys may have some questions anyway. Things I CAN answer: Network related questions What we do at Riot Direct Singed questions! Etc. To set expectations, what I CAN'T answer: Game related questions (bugs/balance/etc/etc) - I'm not a game dev, so don't bother asking me to remove Teemo (I've already been working on this for years and they ignore me :P) Player Behavior questions (unban me/why did I get chat restricted/etc) - I'm not on the PB team so I can't help there either Basically anything not Network related :D So fire away! EDIT: Shout out to our Lag Report tool btw. It got a lot of visibility back when it was released but wanna make sure people still know about it.

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