Is anyone really surprised? (sorry another politics post)

I mean really, look at the state of their punishment system, only punishes one side for "bad behaviour" and endlessly ridicules people who speak up against trolls and griefers while leaving said trolls and such completely untouched. Insane levels of SJW mentality where words are worse than actions, and intent no longer plays a role. Now it's leaked out into whatever this current event was. I am not even remotely surprised. It's the natural path that this hand-holding, afraid-of-words culture directive will head toward. Another example is that they truly think implementing voice chat, despite all the positive it could provide, isn't worth it due to the occasional rude kid who could use it to insult people. Of course an organization with views like that are going to jump on board the gender battle war that keeps getting fuel for whatever reason, atm.
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