@Riot: If you hate shields so much why not just remove them?

Nerfing an aspect of Karma that literally has zero correlation to her oppressive playstyle and now a rather confusing Rumble shield nerf. This is also factoring in the unasked for buffs to Khazix and Lee Sin, the outright “press X to delete shield” abilities you handed out to Renekton and Blitzcrank last patch and the plethora of nerfs to enchanter Supports shield power, shield duration and shield resource cost. Why are there even shields in the game when it’s blatantly obvious you hate shields as much as, if not more than, map vision and the ability to actually survive an assassin nuking you before an eyelash is batted? Just get rid of shields and provide some other form of utility or combat ability since most shields are borederline useless at this point.
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