So a bill recently got proposed to ban loot boxes and microtransactions...

What do you guys think about this? I don't completely agree with everything in this bill. I think it's great they're trying to get rid of them in "kids" games (whatever that means), but this should really apply to all games IMO. Just because a game isn't a kids game doesn't mean we want to deal with this crap. Like, just because you buy an adult rated game (a FULL PRICE adult game I might add) that shouldn't mean people should be allowed to put loot boxes or microtransactions in it. Also, this shouldn't apply only to "pay to win" stuff. This should apply to everything. If I spend $60+ dollars on a game I shouldn't have to pay extra to get cosmetics if I want them. Warframe is FREE and you can get anything you want for free in that game, so why the f*ck should cosmetics cost so much in a FULL PRICE game?
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