Is this what the boards have come to?

> Criticism is good, but not seeing top posts echoing the same things over and over and over again without any CONSTRUCTIVE element to be found and without adding anything NEW to the things somebody else already said. Really, how do you expect Riot to respond to you if this is your level of communication? Just reiterating the same things, just angrier every time... You know there is a meme about a certain online faction being called NPCs? There are actually a lot of similarities here. Going to the boards is like talking to a NPC in a harvest moon game. You just know what it's going to say every day. Adding to that, it is also mostly some childish nonsense as well. Please, I firmly believe that most people here are actually capable of laying out their thoughts in a structured and smart manner. It doesn't have to be purely rational. Emotions go a long way as well as long as they are expressed in a way that let people connect instead of antagonising them. And please don't blame Riot for your behaviour. They make mistakes, sure; at the end of the day though YOU have to better if you want anybody to listen to you (unless your only goal is to farm upvotes from people already agreeing with you). I am not trying to attack anyone, in fact I feel like a lot of the wild frustration here comes from people who simply care a lot about the game and have to express that somehow. That is, in a way, a beautiful thing. But ask yourself, when was the last time you read a thread here and thought:“Well this is interesting, I didn't know that/think of this like that before?“
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