Some ideas of mine about alcoves.

I just love this addition to the league. Unlike dragons or plants, this map change I can fully say I get behind. Not only are Top and Bot more symmetrical now, but they add a juking element to the lanes, and I like that. Now, here are some ideas I had to make people use alcoves even more. 1. Add a small neutral creep in there. Nothing that would make side that loses it lose the lane, but let's say a small 50g boost every 3-4 minutes could be nice to reward the person that is pushing/winning the lane. Maybe even make it give no EXP to laners, but give good chunk of EXP to junglers, to reward successful ganks. 2. A sideshop. If you play Dota 2 like me, you know how much of an impact the side shop has to the game. It allows people that lane well to never virtually leave the lane. So, maybe allow us to buy tier 1 items here? If it is too powerful, Riot could make side shop spawn at X minutes, or go on cooldown once used like on ARAM. 3. Add a vision control objective to it. The vision in the game has gone down, and especially in the bottom lane, it is really important to control the vision of all 3 bushes. So, maybe allowing us to light a torch by standing on the alcove for X seconds. The torch reveals the middle bush and alcove for the team that controls it. A solid bonus for people that can control the alcove. 4. Give it a small random plant. This idea is similar to one above, in that you could reveal the area for vision control. But it could be randomized for all 3 plants to spawn. You could get blastcone to help the surprise factor/escape or a honeyfruit to increase sustain. Just a few small ideas about my favorite part of season 10. These might all be trash for all I know, but I would really want to see alcoves used more instead of ignored by my team :)
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