We NEED more game modes.

I for one loved the rotating game modes I especially loved ascension. Being able to go into a mode with no towers or creeps? It was heaven. Build as stupidly as you want, because you don't need waveclear, and you don't need to clear towers, which allowed for greater diversity in builds. You could act as an assassin that stayed in the bottom half of the map, or constantly attack the objective and try to get as many crystals as possible. This change from the normal was the most fun I've ever had on this game, and I'm sure its the same with many others, with all the different game modes available. It's great that you love standard play so much riot, but really, I think it's about time you give some flavour to your game, because atm it's like eating plain white bread over and over again. It is getting stale. People like being able to experience something that strays from the norm. For gods sake riot PLEASE bring back more game modes, WE NEED THEM
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