Ironically Funny or Completely Unfair?

The {{champion:223}} bans out my hovered {{champion:429}} pick then claims it was accident, I then hover {{champion:51}} who is picked by the top lane and taken there. I had already dodged another game and was looking at a 15 minute timer so I did the right thing and INTED THE FUCK OUT OF THOSE BITCHES{{champion:17}} . So after I get hella trolled, Rito kisses me sweetly on the back of the neck before smashing their million dollar peen-eye {{champion:161}} into my brown-eye{{summoner:3}} with a 14 day suspension. JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!{{champion:59}} First time I've been suspended by the by...not even the 3 day I've seen others get. I got a screenshot from showing they were grouped in hopes of at the least....lowering my suspension to a 3dayer rather then 2 weeks. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} THANKS RITO GAMES!!!
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