I feel like the only people who don't believe in Santa are bad people.

Ever since I was a child my parents have always drove the point in that I was/am a special gifted child. No matter what I did they always rewarded me heavily and told me a I did a stellar job. I learned how to read at the age of three, got into the best private schools in our area, made tons of friends including my teachers and professors, and now I have a six-figure job right out of college. And yet despite always having what I want (my family is very wealthy) I still always get a expensive gift from Santa every Christmas, in 2016 he got me a new car, 2017 a two week vacation to Cancun, I can only imagine what he'll get me this year. It's strange however, that people will still tell me that Santa doesn't exist when time after time he's rewarded me each 25th for being such a great person. Whenever I would hear other kids (usually middle-class/poor) gripe about how they won't get anything for Christmas or that they got very underwhelming gifts like socks it was always a struggle to not just tell them that maybe they're just bad people and that's why Santa neglects them. But Mother always said 'Do not antagonize those who are beneath you, simply look down on them with pity from the high pedestal you sit atop of.' What do you guys think? {{champion:136}} ~~
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