Stop putting me in games that are not my skill level

I do draft a lot because i already have a hard time staying in lane alive or farming cs, so i can ban those i really hate. But im still constantly placed against people who are 5 times as better than me. They get almost perfect cs and stomp me in lane. They poke me and aim skill shots easily, and their support is always good. They are sometimes toxic, and thats when i used to just step away and play something else. Now i step away almost every time i am against someone who is a master at this game. The only wins i got were from my team winning for me, or becoming super overpowered and wiping the other team. I know why ranked is crap, you put people like us with the pros to ruin their games, and you also allow trolls to do whatever. Your matchmaking is horrible and it seemed to start about 3 years ago ( For me anyway, im not that old ) So are all new players leaving? Maybe we get matched against people who are much better than us because our skill level is uncommon now. Regardless i know something is up, i felt a steep decline in fun with this game, i only play because it used to be so fun and addicting a long time ago. Im not playing over 3+ games a day now thats for sure. Use to play like 8 or more. This game has degenerated horribly over time. Hell look at the boards, its pretty bad. And dont tell me its been worse because i know, but that has only happened in relativly short bursts before it returned to a more normal look. Nowdays every day has something bad on the hot page. Its much worse.
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