Syndra and her bugs

To all the people asking for buffs to Syndra... the only buff she really needs is for her bugs to be fixed... even just correcting 3 of them: her stutter step after ult (which sometimes still occurs even without ulting), her pathing and movement which gets skewed cuz her model sometimes randomly treats her orbs as minions... so she effectively minion blocks herself, and finally the stun and even knock back: If the E hits an orb, it’ll push back the orb... if the orb hits anything, it’s supposed to stun it, yet often times this doesn’t occur and will instead just pass through the target without doing cc... even the knockback itself will sometimes not do its job: pushing back enemies. These have been bugs for literal years which actively nerfs the champion... yet we don’t hear about anything by Riot to recognize them... Last week, Riot addressed a bug that existed for little under a year which bugged the champion slightly: she could W an orb being pushed by E, which allowed for faster reaction timing to deal damage if surprise engaged. This was removed without any notice. Yes, there are going to be bugs that take a while to fix... but it would really mean a lot if Riot acknowledges their existence so we actually know they’re working towards fixing them. Even pros have commented on how buggy Syndra is, stating sometimes it’s not worth it to play Syndra because her bugs can throw a game despite how versatile she is.
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