TfT over Nexus Blitz, really Riot?

Riot, you have been removing or limiting the time on game modes such as Nexus Blitz, all because "Not enough people playing it!". Yet you add this RNG disaster called Team Fight Tactics and decide to *keep* it right off the bat? Many people DID play Nexus Blitz, but it wasn't to your standards so you chose to fuck players over who genuinely enjoyed the mode. Or you limit times on other modes such as ARURF/URF which is played frequently as well. Yet you create an auto-chess mode out of desperation after seeing its spike in popularity. Slapping Chibi optional items in to suck more money out of the player base rather then listening to what we actually want. Removing game modes because you decide "not enough traffic so not enough sales" is a good representation of what this company is about. You don't give a shit about players, just your pocket. Even within your company you can't be bothered to give a shit about your own employees either. Bring back rotating game modes and make them permanent, or fuck off. I'm not sorry.
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