Did You Know: Why Is This Always a Grammatical Nightmare?

I've played this game for a long time and seen many aspects of it dramatically improve in quality over time, but the most glaringly deficient area of the game has never improved. The Did You Know text that appears on the loading screen is a cringe-worthy mess from a grammatical standpoint 9 out of 10 times and has been for years. I've been tempted to take screenshots and catalog the mistakes, but they appear so frequently that I'd be doing that all of the time. I'll touch on just some of the problems that appear. When commas are used to link independent clauses, often the second clause lacks a subject. Dependent clauses are often used incorrectly. Other issues often appear with serial commas, fragments, confusing or poor word choice. Semi-colons are never used correctly. Even when things aren't technically wrong, often there's some serious awkwardness to the phrasing. The more complex the Did You Know sentence is, the more likely it is to contain one or more errors, but even simple, straightforward sentences aren't right either. I will say that I don't believe I've seen a misspelled word. It happens so often that I have to think that someone is doing this on purpose. If someone didn't know and was just guessing, they would probably get it right more often than this. In most cases these mistakes are the kinds of things that people learn not to do in 8th grade. Riot, I'm humbly submitting myself to write or edit your Did You Know text to make sure that these kinds of issues never happen again. Bring your world to life in a way that doesn't inadvertently subvert the education of your audience. Or if you don't let me help you, I hope somebody sees this and you get this taken care of on your own. Let's crank up the awesome on your writing. Thank you.
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