Tips on Odyssey Missions

Last time during the invasion mission a player made a very detailed guide on all the tips and tricks for clearing the invasion mission. I cant remember the play but if you're reading this I'de like to give you my thanks. I will be doing the same things from my experience in the Odyssey missions. **Options and their roles** **Jinx** * She is your ranged carry and your main damage source, personally I think 2jinxes are a must, yasuo is melee so he tanks alot more damage than her which is bad. * Your job: dish out as much damage to the boss as possible * build: bork,guinsuus, bloodthirster,wits and onhit wits end is good for the onhit part but all preference after that. **Ziggs** * He has waveclear, and his w is good for disrupting kogs, his ult with the overkill augment is the only reason hes decent otherwise I'de pick yasuo for wave clear. * Your job: waveclear and disrupt kogs * build: go full ap prioritising cdr as you need to play around your ult, otherwise just do a jinx build due to your passive as its not too terrible. **Malphite** * Hes a tank, or an onhit hyper carry, or an insane wavlear tool with full ap * Your job: dish out as much damage as possible and tank for your team this depends on build * build: I have found going a bruiser build with titanic hydra and atmas being not too bad you get damage and youre still tanky, maybe consider a knight's vow. Or go that good old full ap malphite build. **Sona** * She is what makes malphite useless, with all the augments she has you make everyone the tank as no one can take damage, she is vital to every comp. * Your job: heal and cc * build: ardent,athenes,redemption and go whatever then I personally recommend a deathcap and another ap item then as it will give you more dmg and healing. **Yasuo** * Yasuo is easily the most fun to play in the gamemode (apart onhit malphite ty riot). Yasuo has god tier waveclear with his e q spam and cc with his low cd r. I have also found ap yasuo being amazing with the right augments as you can reach a 2000dmg e on a 1sec cd. * Your job: waveclear, youre not that good into bosses tho. * build: statik>bork>bloodthirster> damage (ie is a waste imo if you want full crit get a phantom dancer with the statik. * ap yasu build: nashors>bersekers>gunblade>lich>deathcap **Comps:** Personally I have found malphite and ziggs as a give or take and have the lowest winrate with the two. My favourite comps so far have been 2Jinx,1 yasuo,1 sona last being situational. For situational you could go: * malphite as he offers lots of peel with the intimidate augment * another sona or another yasuo. * You could go a ziggs but his job is waveclear and yasuo easily out-classes him at that **Notes** * for augments try to prioritise getting waveclear. ( I will not be going too deep into these) * For killing the boss dodge his attacks with f and run away when he charges himself with orbs as it has a range. * play as a team and try to stay grouped * the urf buff is best on ziggs/yasuo/malphite/sona. generally to sona as she heals everyone as well as cc's * Dont forget to play around with builds and augments and see what you like. * A must have augment on yasuo is infinity and BURST is nuts with gust if you want to go a bit of a supportive build. * I am not a toxic yasuo main I just got luck and got him mastery 7 dont flame me :/
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