Give Us The Old IP System Back

I don't care what any Rioter says "Oh well you see here lol community if you use this scenario and use these equations that make no sense, we're actually helping you get new champs". Stfu the old IP system was bad considering how hard it was to purchase new champs however it ACTUALLY allowed players to buy the newest champions let alone any champs unlike this BE system. Does Riot think this will make their game more attractive??? Had I not started playing lol during season 6, had I started playing with the blue essence system, there is no way in hell would I continue playing the game. I would get board with the few champs I got from leveling and wonder why I can't at least play 25% of the cast. What do they expect new players that just started playing the game casually to think? Does Riot really think new players will say "hmm just started playing this random new game and to get new champs I have to spend real money... Hmm ya sure I'll spend the thousand dollars everyone casually has in their bank account because everyone has money now a days just to play 50 percent of the champs." Do they think this is going to make them more money??? No it will repel newer players away from the game since they could simply play other games such as Dota or practically anything. Riot clearly doesn't care about their community all they care about is their money. EA in this bitch. I predict this is the first step towards the death of league of legends, if Riot continues to go in this direction this game will surely die. The community makes a game and Riots actions clearly display the way they view the community. I understand they are a billion dollar company and all however I REFUSE to buy or spend RP on any skins (even the project skins :( ) or champions until they change this BE system to something they said they'd do which was make it easier to get new champs. I don't expect everyone to boycott Riot however I hope other will do the same I am doing to voice our disapproval of Riots greed. Sorry I really like this game however this was a dirty move by Riot lieing to everyone's face and trying to snake an even worst system in place than the original.
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