Rant: Mind your own business. Let people play the game how they want.

Last night, still bugging me, had a {{champion:102}} quit on us early game. In Champ select before she picked her champ, we had a {{champion:17}} top... And she was like "Ugh please dont pick teemo, we need a tank.". Then top proceeded to pick teemo..... And then the gates of hell opened. F*** you this, stupid dumb c*** that, this is why this game is getting ruined, people like you playing s*** champs. And went on and on about it. Teemo said- this is my best champ, so thats who im going to play. I then stepped in and said... (of course i was a little rude, was already somewhat tilted), "no this is why this game is getting ruined, self entitled people like yourself that think your team captain and get to pick what other get to play. This is a game and people get to play what they want within reason.". Game starts, Shyv tries to invade without asking for any help, dies when top n mid collapse into a 1v3. Mind you its {{champion:59}} Jung, {{champion:112}} Mid, {{champion:54}} Top. With me as {{champion:30}} mid. Shyv goes off about how our map awareness is crap and how we let her die. I said of course i did, i wasnt going to run into their jungle as a lvl 3, just to flash out and not die. This made her mad and she KEPT on flaming hardcore. Long story short, she kept on going off about how useless we all are, how after i got to lvl 7, i B'd and TPd back so i can keep the XP advantage on Vik, and how that was a useless TP. But she went 0-4 and just raged quit cause she couldnt 1v2 tower dive bot when they had half hp. Typical silver stuff. But i was made into a better mood this morning when i seen the instant feedback report saying a player i recently reported was punished, so that made me happy :) But where im going with this is- Before you judge people on what they play, you better make damn sure you have the skill to backup your own gameplay. Mind your own business and focus on your own game.
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